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Germani's Jewelry Products
​Each of Mariana’s exotic designs are handcrafted to the highest standard with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Mariana’s designs appeal to women of all ages from the exuberance of youth to the confident sophisticated woman looking for that special piece to enhance her natural beauty.

Fine and Custom Jewelry
Fine Jewelry from the top design companies  including custom diamond in house craftsmenship.
Over 650 easliy adjusable bracelets and charms with symbols from spirtitual to whimsical, from romantic to sentimental, along with exciting new lisced products. Endless ways to let a women show how shefeels, what she believes in and who she is. 
Cheryl Finnegan let her passion for iconic females Eve, Frida Kahlo and the Virgin of Guadalupe guide her to create Virgins, Saints & Angels—jewelry celebrating the goddesses who inspire enlightenment, expression, and creativity. Ranging from belt buckles to rosaries, all pieces are handmade by an extended family of craftsmen. VSA prides itself on employing local residents and utilizing local resources—symbols of San Miguel's passion and culture. VSA combines Mexican artesenia and gothic religious iconography. Each VSA collection carries a message derived from icons of power, protection and beauty that translate to universal cross-cultural beliefs.
Since its foundation in 1930, CITIZEN has promoted a multi-cultural mindset that fosters excellence and creativity. The very name of the brand conveys a deep respect toward craftsmanship and considered as familiar by citizens the world-over. So as a “citizen” of the world, we bear the responsibility to help cultivate a culture of positive change and on-going evolution through our craft. We take that mission seriously and steadfastly welcome what the future may bring.
Gillian Julius has been working in the fashion industry with internationally renowned retailers and wholesalers for over a decade in South Africa, London and the United States. Gillian Julius is internationally distributed and has an extensive celebrity clientele. Gillian has been featured in the New York Times, WWD, W, Elle and In-Style. 

 In 2006, Gillian opened a fashion accessory company manufacturing and distributing shoes, bags and belts worldwide. The following year, she recognized an unfilled niche in the jewelry market, and went on to create, manufacture and distribute a line of waxed cotton and base metal bracelets and necklaces. Today, her line is carried worldwide by leading high end specialty stores and majors. 

Evelyne La Hola describes her jewelery as unique, sophisticated and contemporary. All pieces are created using the finest Italian leather, Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones and are handmade in Israel. 

Featured in magazines such as Elle and Instyle, La Hola is a label to watch! Evelyne La Hola prides herself on the quality and craftsmanship of her products; each item is created by hand and carefully appraised before being released. By choosing top brand Italian leather and Swarovski crystals, the designer emphasises quality above substance, and every product has a unique and contemporary look and feel.