HMH Religious

HMH Religious is of the absolute finest collection of religious medals ever made, by our staff of skilled, American craftsmen who produce only the finest quality jewelry.

Our products are made of only the finest materials available and our magnificent designs of our medals were hand sculpted by master die makers in the early 1900’s. The true craftsmanship of these artisans is almost a lost art and can not be replicated at the present time.

HMH was the first Catholic Jewelry manufacturer in the United States, established in Pawtucket, R.I., circa 1910.

Our highly skilled silversmiths produce exquisitely detailed creations in solid sterling silver and 14kt gold. All of our pieces are handled carefully, one at a time, with many of them going thru ten or more operations in the manufacturing process. This starts from our exclusive collection of steel die designs some of which date back to roughly 100 years. The intricate dies from which our fabulous medals are made are “struck/coined” by extreme pressure that enables the finest details to show in the gold and silver stock. We are continuously adding newly discovered pieces throughout the year.

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