Mariana Jewelry

The Designer

Mariana believes that what music is to the ear, color is to the eye. She has composed intricate and harmonious color combinations for over 20 years. Her worldly spiritual energy goes into every handcrafted design because she believes jewelry has the power to uplift those who wear it. Mariana continues to create with the love of her family and the enduring desire to share her joy for life through her art.

Quality Materials

At Mariana’s core is the commitment to utilizing only the highest quality materials. She strives for the best metals that are capable of lasting a lifetime. She provides customization through durable platings including Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Silver and Rhodium. Mariana Jewelry is all nickel free, lead free, and hypoallergenic, making it accessible to everyone

Care Guidelines 

Our items are solid brass or zinc alloy, plated with silver, rose gold or yellow gold and have lacquer finish to extend the life of the plating. We recommend after every wear you wipe down your piece with a non-chemically treated cotton polishing cloth.

In doing this you will extend the look and life of your item  by removing impurities from skin, lotions, perfumes, etc. Wearing Mariana Jewelry in the shower or the swimming pool can wear away the lacquer finish, causing it to tarnish. If this happens, we are not able to repair the item.

In order to ensure the highest quality of wear for your Mariana Jewelry, follow our care guidelines:

  • Avoid direct contact with sprays, lotions, perfumes, etc.
  • Do not wear your Mariana Jewelry in the shower, ocean, lake or leave it in water
  • Do not use chemical cleaners or polishes to clean your Mariana Jewelry
  • Use our Mariana Jewelry Cleaner to brighten up your pieces and make sparkle them like new
  • You may use a soft, dry polishing cloth to clean
  • Keep your Mariana Jewelry in your provided bag, or in a safe space away from other jewelry, to avoid scratching from other pieces.

    Mariana Jewelry has a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. General wear and tear, and damage from improper use are not covered by the warranty. (Including but not limited to not: complying with care instructions, broken links, and worn out plating)

    Your jewelry is covered for the following repair under warranty at no charge:

    • Replacing missing end charms, Mariana tags, or clasps
    • Replacing missing stones or crystals (availability pending)
    • Replacing items with defective plating upon arrival, or that break within 30 days of being received. It is imperative to keep a receipt as proof of purchase to ensure replacement under warranty at no charge.


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