Phillip Gavriel

The Phillip Gavriel brand was created as a concept of making quality fine jewelry accessible to everyone. Our jewelry is handcrafted in Italy and across the world, with love and respect to those who make it.  Designer, Phillip Gavriel, comes from a lineage of jewelers, and uses his experience and inspiration to create designs for today. With a rich history, the brand continues to be inspired by the past traditions yet is centered on creating pieces for today.
Staying true to the tradition of fine jewelry, we choose to use only precious metals and natural stones. That’s means our gold is always 14k or 18k gold. Our silver items are made with 925 Sterling Silver.  All gemstones & diamonds in our products are genuine, and natural and are never lab-created.

We believe luxury is attainable at a fair price. And we encourage our jewels to be worn every day. Enjoy and wear them in good health!

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