Blessings of Joy Christmas Blessing Bracelet



Wear this bracelet as a reminder that pure joy rests in the love of God. May you be surrounded by His unconditional love this Christmas season and always.

In Christian tradition, the Benedictine cross is one of the Church’s most powerful signs of divine protection. It was created in the mid 600’s as a symbol of the spiritual truths that enabled St. Benedict and his many followers to resist evil and do good. “The Holy Cross be my Light,” is written in Latin on the front of the cross, which is used all over the world to help spread Christ’s Kingdom of love and light. Wear this ancient symbol to help protect your soul, your loved ones and your home from anything contrary to God’s love.

Made with love in the small pilgrimage town of Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina; may you be blessed by the prayers of those making each piece and the love and prayers of My Saint My Hero. Your purchase enables us to use the power of giving to help transform lives and make the world a better place.

  • Handwoven in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • This Benedictine Blessing Bracelet features 10 silver or gold-tone Benedictine Medals and our signature “blessed” tag
  • Medals hand-cast in a sacred site in Italy
  • Each bracelet comes on a special Christmas inspirational card
  • This bracelet comes on cording with a sliding slipknot for an easy fit. 9.5″ diameter, closes to 6.25″

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